Holidays to Hongkong

There is more than meets the eye to Hong Kong. This compact metropolis of modern architecture is juxtaposed against nature and cultural authenticity, offering an array of sights and activities travellers can indulge in.

One of the most visited cities in the world, Hong Kong is one destination that needs no further introduction.  So indulge yourself and book your Hong Kong holiday package now with Singapore Airlines Holidays.

Things to do in Hongkong

Have the Time of your Life at Ocean Park

This theme park set on the waterfront boasts incredible views of Hong Kong. With more than 40 attractions and rides, it offers thrill-seekers hair-raising rides that are sure to set your adrenaline pumping. For those seeking something that doesn't involve taking your feet off the ground, experience up-close encounters with exotic wildlife such as giant pandas, penguins, and dolphins.

    Stroll along Old Town Central

    Tour down Hollywood Road and Graham to capture picturesque street art, where the traditional and modern aspects of  Hong Kong’s culture converge. Use this opportunity to take unique and beautiful photos to share with your family and friends or as a keepsake to say, “What a beautiful time we had in Hong Kong!”.

      Admire the Scenery from Victoria Peak Tower

      One of the most popular places to visit in Hong Kong is the Victoria Peak Tower. The tower has a wide range of restaurants, shops, and entertainment to choose from, with the dazzling city skyline as its backdrop.


      With the Sky Terrace’s 360° viewing platform serving as the best vantage point, admire the stunning panoramic view of Hong Kong's skyline from 396 metres above ground.

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