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Holidays to Medan

Being Sumatra’s major metropolis, it was once christened it as “Paris von Soematra” – the Paris of Sumatra as by the Dutch who settled in Medan hundreds of years ago, because of the classical feel the city once carried and for its resemblance to the French capital.
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Things To Do in Medan

Istana Maimoon

The grand, 30-room Maimoon Palace was built by the Sultan of Deli in 1888 and features Malay, Mughal and Italian influences. check out a modest collection of kerises (ornamental daggers) and dress up in traditional Malay costume for a photo.

Sipiso Piso Waterfall

Sipiso Piso is a one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia. Formed by a small underground river of the Karo plateau and flows out into the Lake Toba caldera.

Lake Toba

A trip to the cool mists of Lake Toba is a favoured escape for both locals and tourists in Medan. Dotted around the lake’s surroundings are glimpses of the traditional Toba culture and, is a great place to spend a day or two.