Holidays to Seoul

Technology advanced but also immensely traditional, Seoul has a perfect blend of skyscrapers and ancient palaces.  Regardless of when you visit, Seoul provides plenty of unique activities every season that is well-suited for the young and the old.   With a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality, the city never sleeps, so don’t miss all that this city has to offer.  

Things to do in Seoul

Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

Take in the beautiful Hanok architecture in the 600-year-old traditional residential area of Bukchon Hanok Village. To have a more immersive experience, roam the village in a rented hanbok (traditional Korean costumes) for some Instagram pictures, or visit the Hanok itself with a guided tour to get a feel of what life is like during the Joseon Dynasty.

    Shopping in Myeongdong

    As one of the main shopping mecca in Seoul, the streets and alleys of Myeongdong are filled with boutiques, designer brands, and departmental stores, selling everything from casual outfits and cosmetics to high fashion attires.


    With Myeongdong’s fantastic food scene featuring many cafés and popular restaurants, indulge in a hearty meal after a long day of shopping. In the evening, many pushcarts will line the streets, where you can find famous Korean street food such as Gyeran-Bbang (egg bread) and Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), as well as all kinds of knick-knacks. Myeongdong is buzzing with activities at all times of the day, and a holiday to Seoul is not complete without a visit here.

      Explore Namdaemun Market

      Shop like the locals at the largest traditional market in Seoul. Be spoilt for choices with the vast number of stalls offering products ranging from apparel, accessories, and textiles to food and traditional snacks.

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