Hotel Accommodation

  • What do half board and full board mean?

    Full Board means that all your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are paid for at the hotel. This is a great option for those travelling to a more remote area, where you don’t have to worry about searching for restaurants for meals. You can simply relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing that all your meals are being taken care of at the hotel.

    If you've booked Half Board, it means you will have breakfasts and dinners at the hotel. Please check with your hotel during check-in on the type of meals served and whether you can change from having dinner to lunch if you have plans for the evening.


  • What is the check-out time of my hotel and whether I can arrange for a late check-out?

    Check-out times vary from hotel to hotel, so please refer to your hotel voucher for the check-out time. You can request for a late check-out during your check-in at the hotel but do note that it is subject to availability, and hotel may charge for the request.

    Alternatively, you can request to store your luggage with the hotel’s concierge temporarily after you have checked-out till the time you need to leave for the airport.


  • Can I book just a hotel without the flight?

    No. We do not offer to book a hotel without flight on our Singapore Airlines Holidays website.


  • Will there be any additional charges that I need to pay upon arrival at my hotel?

    Some hotels may collect security deposit upon your arrival, but this will be refunded when you check-out from your hotel. In some destinations, there may be local charges such as city or tourist tax that you need to pay at the time of check-in. This is a nominal fee and is not refundable. Payment will have to be made at the hotel upon arrival and it cannot be paid in advance.


  • Can I upgrade my room type or board basis after my arrival at the hotel?

    It is possible to upgrade once you are at the hotel, however this is subject to availability and payment will have to be made directly to the hotel. We recommend you contact us prior to travel if you wish to upgrade your room type or board basis, so that we can advise on the available options and help you confirm the changes. This will help you avoid any disappointment when you arrive at the hotel.


  • What if I get to my hotel and I do not like it?

    You will need to contact our Customer Service Team and let us know your reasons for the change. Please do note that amendment and cancellation charges may apply depending on the terms and conditions of your booking. You may also incur additional charges for the change in hotel.


  • Is there an additional charge for children sharing a room with their parent?

    Most hotels allow children (0 to 6 years of age) to stay for free if using existing bedding, depending on the child policy of the hotel. A baby cot may be provided free of charge by some hotels for children under the age of 2, but subject to availability upon request. Please do check with your hotel upon arrival.


  • How can I add an extra bed for my child or a third person in a two-person’s room?

    Extra bed is compulsory for adults. If the 3rd person is a child under 6 years of age and requires an extra bed, you can request for an extra bed for your child during reservation. But do note that it is subject to availability and you will have to pay the extra bed cost at the hotel upon arrival.


Bookings and Vouchers

  • Where can I check for travel updates before departure?

    You can check for general travel updates and news alerts on http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/home. Flight status information will only be available 48 hours before flight departure. Please visit http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/plan-and-book/your-booking/flightstatus/ to check your flight status.


  • I arrived at the hotel and cannot find my hotel voucher. What do I do?

    You must present a printed copy of your voucher or the e-voucher, with your passport to check-in at your hotel. If you have forgotten to print your voucher, you can download a copy of the e-voucher at the Singapore Airlines Holidays website under “My Bookings” at the top right-hand corner of the page. You will need to key in your email address and Holiday Package Booking reference number to retrieve your booking and download the vouchers. You can also call our Customer Service Team or email us for assistance.


  • How do I get special assistance for my booking from Singapore Airlines Holidays?

    Please contact our Customer Service Team, before making your booking online if you need special assistance. This is to ensure that your needs can be met by the airlines and the hotel you selected.


  • Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for flight and hotel bookings?

    Your flight and hotel bookings are part of a package. You can find the terms and conditions pertaining to your package in the flight and hotel vouchers. The general booking terms and conditions are at the footer of the website.


  • Can I call your customer service centre to book my holiday package?

    Yes, you can call our customer service centre to help you book for your holiday package but there will be a service charge of USD50 per person per request on top of your package price.


Amendments and Cancellations

  • If I can’t travel on the dates that I booked, can I cancel my booking?

    If you have booked a holiday and need to cancel for any reason, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance. Cancellation fees may apply depending on the terms and conditions of the package and cancellation window. Please do let us know if you require a cancellation invoice for your insurance purposes.

    Please note that there will be a service fee of USD50 charge per request per booking on top of the cancellation fees.


  • If I need to make changes to my travel dates, what do I do?

    You can call our Customer Service Team to help you make the amendments to your travel dates. However, there may be additional charges to your total package price depending upon the terms and conditions of your package, flight and hotel availability for your new travel dates.


  • Can I change any of the traveller's name on package booking I purchase?

    No, you cannot change any traveller’s name on your package booking once your package is confirmed. As flight ticket booked is non-transferrable once issued, you will have to cancel the flight booking and purchase a new ticket for the new traveller in your booking.

    The above is also applicable when the traveller’s name entered does not match the names on the government issued IDs and/or passport and you may be denied boarding the flight.

    Please take note that there will be a service fee of USD50 and a name change fee per person will apply.


  • Besides the cancellation charges and/or amendment fees, will there be any additional charges for any change and/or amendment requests?

    A service fee of USD50 will apply per request per booking on top of any cancellation, change, refund and no-show fees charged for the package (Flight + Hotel).


  • What do I do if I miss my flight?

    Please contact our Customer Service Team immediately to assist with amendment of flight and hotel booking based on theavailability. Amendment and cancellation fees may apply.


  • What happens when there is a flight disruption? Will I be informed? What if the hotel booking is also affected by the flight disruption?

    We will contact you for any flight disruption. If flight disruption is caused by technical or commercial reasons, we will provide the necessary assistance to re-book the flight and hotel to the same destination. We will also provide the reimbursement for the unused hotel room nights, wherever applicable. If you decide not to travel, we will do a full refund for your unutilised booking and it may takes 6 to 8 weeks to process your refund.

    If flight disruption is due to natural disaster, airport closure, Industrial strike, war or war threats, restrictions imposed by the Government and/or any other incident that is unusual, unforeseeable and beyond the control of Singapore Airlines and its hotel partner(s). In such cases, Singapore Airlines is not liable to pay any compensation for the cancellation and loss of hotel bookings.


  • Why I can’t get a full refund for the package I purchased when I cancel the package?

    Depending on the package condition you purchase, you may not be able to get any refund at all for the package purchase. We will try our best to help you appeal to the service providers and Singapore Airlines for a refund, but it will be on a case by case basis and is subject to approval.



  • How do I seek help if I am in an emergency while on holiday?

    Please call our 24-hour emergency contact number listed on your Singapore Airlines Holidays Hotel voucher. This is our 24/7 call service and it will be your first line of assistance in any situation.


  • If I need to shorten my holiday because of an emergency, what do I need to do?

    Please call the 24-hour emergency contact number listed on your Singapore Airlines Holidays hotel voucher and we will do our best to assist you.


Credit Card Service Fee

  • Do I need to pay credit card service fee for my package booking?

    When you use a credit card to pay for your package out of selected countries, we may incur costs relating to the acceptance of credit cards. You will not be charged a service fee if you choose debit cards or other non-credit card payment options.

    A credit card service fee will apply on the total package price for all the bookings that have their first board point from:

    Country Credit Card Fee
    Australia 1.35%
    Belgium/Netherlands 1.65%
    New Zealand 1.7%
    United Kingdom 1.0%







  • How is the Credit Card fee calculated?

    The Credit Card fee is calculated based on the all-inclusive i.e. the total sum of the package including taxes and any surcharges.


  • Is the credit card service fee refundable?

    No, the credit card service fee is not refundable.


Earning KrisFlyer Miles

  • Can I earn KrisFlyer miles for booking a package on your website?

    Yes. You will be earning KrisFlyer miles in accordance to the fare class eligibility. In addition, you will earn 2 KF miles per USD1 spend on the total package.

    Only the lead / principal booking passenger (Passenger 1) can earn 2 KF miles per USD1 spent on the total package (i.e. fare- basis and package miles). Lead / principal booking passenger must enter KrisFlyer membership numbers at the booking stage to automatically earn the fare-basis and package miles.

    All other accompanying KF members in the same booking will only be entitled to fare-basis miles, where applicable. All eligible accompanying passengers are to enter their KrisFlyer membership numbers at the booking stage to automatically earn the fare-basis miles.

    If your KrisFlyer membership number is not inserted at the point of booking, it can still be done by presenting the KF membership card at airport check-in. However, please note that post-booking capture of KrisFlyer membership numbers will only earn members the fare-basis miles excluding the package miles.


  • Can I do a claim for my KrisFlyer miles, if I forgot to update my KrisFlyer membership ID during booking?

    Yes, you can do a claim for your package miles if you did not update your KrisFlyer membership ID during booking. You can either go online at https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/ppsclub-krisflyer/earn-miles/claim-missing-miles/ or download a Retroactive Mileage Claim form to submit your claim.


  • How long do I have to wait for the package miles to be credited into my account?

    Your package miles will only be credited into your KrisFlyer account between two and four weeks upon your return from your holiday. If you did not see your KrisFlyer miles after six to eight weeks after your return from your holiday, do let us know and file a claim to us.