• What’s my cabin baggage allowance?
  • Can I add bags to my booking afterwards?
  • Do cases need to have locks on them?

    Lock your checked baggage. For checked baggage for flights departing to/from the USA, please use only TSA approved locks as non-TSA approved locks will be pried open should your checked baggage be subject to inspection by TSA.

  • What are the size restrictions for cabin baggage?
  • How do I get special assistance from Singapore Airlines Holidays?

    Contact call centre agents +61 2 916 54005, before making your booking. When you have special requirements, we recommend you book through our sales call centre to ensure we can check your needs will be met by our Airline.

  • Is there anywhere I can check for travel updates?

    Flight status information will only be available 48 hours before flight departure or arrival. Schedules may change without notice, and flights shown may not include all or additional flights.

    In some instances, last minute changes can occur to the terminal information displayed. Live updates are based on the information we have available at the time and may change as more information is made available to us. You must still check-in at the times printed on your booking confirmation unless you're informed to do otherwise by the Airlines.

    Click here to find out the flight status.

  • Where can I find seat selection information?
  • What do half board and full board mean?

    Full board hotels are a great option for families with children, older travellers and those trying to stick to a budget. Feel secure in the knowledge that all your meals are paid for and you just require spending money for drinks, treats for yourself, local excursions and souvenirs for home. It includes breakfast, lunch and an evening meal.

    If you've booked Half Board, you will receive breakfast and your evening meal. The type of meal served varies from hotel to hotel - it might be buffet style or a la carte. Some Hotels allow you to exchange your evening meal for Lunch, for example if you have plans for the evening.

  • How many people can share a double, twin or triple room?

    Twin rooms contain two single beds and are suitable for either one or two people. A Double Room can be shared by two people. It may have one double bed or two single beds. A triple room is made for three people with a large double (or twin) that can take an extra bed, normally as a camp or rollaway bed.

  • What time can I check out of my accommodation and can I arrange a late checkout?

    Times vary from property to property and when accommodations are at full occupancy there may be a small delay. Please kindly refer to the hotel voucher for timing.

    If you would like to arrange a late checkout, when you arrive at your accommodation explain as you check in that you have a late departing flight. Where and when possible the accommodation provider will either allow you to maintain a room (there may be a charge locally), or provide an area where your luggage may be stored.

  • Can I book just a hotel?

    No, Singapore Airlines Holidays do not offer the option to book a hotel only.

  • Will I have to pay a city tax for my booking?

    You may have to pay a city tax for most city break destinations.

    The tax is based on star ratings and will vary in cost depending on the location. Please note that these must be paid locally at the hotel upon arrival and can't be paid in advance.

  • Are there any further charges upon arrival at our hotel?

    In some cases certain hotels may charge a security deposit this will be refunded upon check out, some destinations may also charge a city or tourist tax, this is a small fee but is not refundable and payment will need to be made to the hotel locally.

  • I am at the resort, and cannot find my voucher. What do I do?

    Customers must present their hard copy or e-vouchers and passport to the hotel at check-in. If this is not done, the hotel may ask the customer to pay for the hotel booking. Please advise customers to call the Customer Service Team at +61 2 916 54005 for further assistance. This hotline number is also mentioned in the voucher provided upon payment of the package.

  • Who do I look for when I get to the destination airport?

    If you have booked a transfer, please refer to your booking confirmation and transfer vouchers. All instructions about who to meet and where will be enclosed within this information. There will also be a contact number, should you need it for when you arrive.

    If you have chosen not to take a transfer with your booking you will need to find your own way to your accommodation.

  • How do I know which shuttle to use when I arrive?

    You will receive a transfer voucher as part of the voucher pack for your holiday. This is all emailed to you and should be printed to take with you. Please follow the instructions that will be provided on your transfer voucher. The voucher pack is sent once your holiday has been paid for in full.

  • Can I upgrade my board basis after arrival in resort?

    It may be possible to upgrade once you are in resort, however this will always be subject to availability and payment will need to be made directly to the hotel.

    We recommend that if you would like to upgrade your room type or board basis, you contact us prior to travel and we will be able to confirm your available options.

  • What if I get to my hotel and do not like it?

    If you do get to your chosen hotel and then wish to change it, you will need to contact our Customer Service Team on +61 2 916 54005.

    Depending on the issues you are experiencing and the reasons for wanting to change accommodation, please note that the hotel may apply full stay charges and you will then have to pay the difference in cost towards your new hotel.

  • I can no longer travel, what can I do?

    If you have booked a holiday and need to cancel for any reason, please contact our Customer Service Team at +61 2 916 54005 and we’ll be happy to help you. Note that cancellations charges will be applied.

    If you wish to receive a cancellation invoice for insurance purposes, please let us know.

    All cancellations will be subject to our terms and conditions.

  • What can I do if I miss my flight?

    If you miss your flight, you may still be able to travel. Please go to the Singapore Airlines Holidays customer services desk at the airport and they will let you know what options are available to you. You will then need to contact our Customer Service Team, at +61 2 916 54005 to amend your accommodation booking. This is especially important if you have missed your outbound flight as transfers and accommodation will need to be modified accordingly.

  • I am in resort and have an emergency.

    Please call the emergency 24 hour contact telephone number listed on your Singapore Airlines Holidays accommodation vouchers +61 2 916 54005. This will be your first line of assistance in any situation and is a 24 hour service. If they cannot assist you, please call our Customer Service Team on +61 2 916 54005.

  • I have had an emergency and need to return home early.

    Our emergency phone number is +61 2 916 54005. Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. In many instances, your travel insurance may cover you if you need to return home immediately, we also advise that you contact them to ask for assistance.

  • I booked my holiday over the phone and have no password to log into my booking. What can I do?

    When on the “My Bookings” page, you can select the option, which states 'I have a booking but no password'. The system will ask you other questions in relation to your booking that only you would know, to allow you to log into your booking.

  • Terms and conditions for flight and accommodation bookings.

    Your booking is part of a package which is under a commercial contract with HBG Holidays using the Singapore Airlines Holidays brand. Full terms and conditions are clearly stated on the website.

  • Why does Singapore Airlines charge a fee for bookings paid with credit cards?

    When you use a credit card to pay for your flights out of certain countries, Singapore Airlines incurs costs relating to the acceptance of credit cards. You won’t be charged a service fee if you choose to pay with debit cards or other non-credit card alternatives.

  • In what scenarios will I be charged a credit card service fee?

    A service fee may be added to bookings paid with a credit card for flights out of certain countries. The service fee will not be applied to additional fares or fees collected when you make changes to your booking. The service fee will also not apply to bookings paid with a European Economic Area issued personal credit card.

  • Does the credit card service fee apply for all routes?

    When purchasing tickets online through the fee will apply for route departing from Australia

  • What are the credit card service fees that will apply?
    For flights departing from Credit card service fee
    Australia1.35% of the total amount
  • How is the percentage fee calculated?

    The percentage fee is calculated based on the all-inclusive fare i.e. the sum of the fare, taxes and any surcharges. The credit card service fee is not applicable on ancillary products such as Preferred Seats and excess baggage.

  • When will the credit card service fee take effect?
    For flights departing from Credit card service fee applicable on or after
    Australia27 August 2018
  • Is the credit card service fee refundable?

    The credit card service fee is non-refundable.

  • Does the credit card service fee also apply when I pay by a debit card?

    You will not be charged a service fee if you do not pay with a credit card.

  • Is the credit card service fee applicable for infant and child tickets?


  • What forms of payments are exempted from the credit card service fee?

    All other non-credit card payment methods – for example, debit cards or PayPal, where accepted.

  • Why do we vary our fees by market?

    Our fees are based largely on local market practices.

  • Will I earn KrisFlyer (KF) miles for my booking?

    Aside from earning KF miles in accordance to the fare classes eligibility, you will earn 2 KF miles per USD1 spend on the total package.

    Only the lead / principal booking passenger (Passenger 1) can earn 2 KF miles per USD1 spent on the total SAH package (i.e. fare- basis and package miles). Lead / principal booking passenger must enter KrisFlyer membership numbers at the booking stage to automatically earn the fare-basis and package miles.

    All other accompanying KF members in the same booking will only be entitled to fare-basis miles, where applicable. All eligible accompanying passengers are to enter their KrisFlyer membership numbers at the booking stage to automatically earn the fare-basis miles.

    If your KrisFlyer membership number is not inserted at the point of booking, it can still be done by presenting the KF membership card at airport check-in. However, please note that post-booking capture of KrisFlyer membership numbers will only earn members the fare-basis miles excluding the package miles.